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A selection of award winning projects. 

Odesza - Higher Ground

Music Video 

A vibrant journey following three separate women linked through technology, music, and mystery.


With its 80's inspired wardrobe, production and Easter eggs for the ODESZA faithful (including nods to the duo's icosahedron logo sprinkled throughout), the video paints a cinematic narrative of three women's surroundings slowly blurring together through old-school CRT TVs, flickering lamps and decor, evoking a spectacle of magical realism with a hint of "Stranger Things".


"My vision for Higher Ground was to create a cinematic atmospheric piece about connection and love with a hypnotic quality to it", says director Nima Nabili Rad. "For me, the science fiction films of the 80's like Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Blade Runner, always had light as an organic, living, breathing part of the film. Taking inspiration from that, the video was made with the light not only being part of the visual eye candy but as a central character itself. It was fun being the conductor of a symphony of light for a couple of nights!"

VIDEO: ODESZA Release HIGHER GROUND (Feat. Naomi Wild) Music Video
By: Macon Prickett

Directed by: Nima Nabili Rad

Starring: Lorelle Crawford, Alana Priest, Fika Tamiru

Audio language: English        
Subtitles language: N/A